Our Services

Drone Survey and Data Creation

  • DSM, Contour, DGPS, Ortho Image.
  • Layout Georeferencing, Slope Analysis, Layout Digitization and Mapping.
  • Tree Geo-tagging and stream marking.
  • 3D Mapping, Data Visualisation.

Application Development

  • Customise GIS Tools (Arcpy, Python).
  • Small frame GIS Application (Mobile, Desktop).
  • Interactive Web Mapping.
  • Spatial Data Science and Data visualizations.

Sustainable Urban - Rural Planning / Environmental Impact Assesment

  • Development Plan for URBAN and RURAL Areas.
  • Population Estimation, Urban Sprawl Modelling.Transportation network planning.
  • Existing Land Use mapping, Property parcels mapping.
  • Environmental Analysis.

Mine planning and Environmental management using GIS

  • Hazard Management.
  • Mine Planning using GIS.
  • Decision support system through 3D visualisation and spatial database.
  • Drainage system design and management.
  • Environmental management using GIS.

Location based Business solutions

  • Location information is the key to market intelligence.
  • Use of GIS and spatial analytics to track the social media activity.
  • GIS helps the companies in being strategically more competitive.

Carbon Neutrality

  • A pledge to make mega cities in India carbon neutral.
  • Carbon Neutrality and urban spatial layout optimization.
  • Urban planning that focuses on building green cities.

Agriculture Sector

  • Mapping of different types of crops, Crop yield estimation.
  • Fertilization of crops, Monitoring condition of land.
  • Analysis of soil, Identification of critical areas, Real time analysis to meet the future demand of the crops .
  • Supply chain management.

Utility Network Mangement

  • We can perform inspection of a network in or after an event such as severe storm.
  • While inspecting the water utility we can determine which valves to shut off when a pipe bursts.
  • A power outage can affect other resources like gas and water.